Scotland’s Mystery Book Artist

Since I love all things bookish and all things Scottish, I am obsessed with this series of sculptures made out of books that mysteriously appeared throughout Edinburgh this year.  I can’t choose a favorite, but here are a couple:

You can view photos of each of the sculptures here.


Teensy Weensy Authors

Miniature Maya Angelou

Man, you can find anything and everything for sale on How funny are these little author dolls by Debbie Ritter at Uneek Doll Designs? They look like they’re made with a lot of love.

The little details crack me up–check out Maya Angelou’s gold hoops, Ray Bradbury’s big black frame glasses, and Isaac Asimov’s muttonchops! And each author holds a tiny copy of one of his or her books. They sell book character dolls, too. Bertha Rochester from Jane Eyre is suitably scary.


Today is my glorious Friday off (hooray for comp time!) and I decided to celebrate by baking some cookies. I settled on snickerdoodles. (The Joy of Cooking — it never lets you down.) Now the apartment has the glorious smell of cinnamon & butter wafting about, and I’m enjoying a mug of lavender Earl Gray.

I have fond childhood memories of snickerdoodles, in spite of the fact that I didn’t actually taste one until I was a teenager. That’s because snickerdoodles were featured in one of my favorite series when I was a kid, the Supergranny books by Beverly Van Hook. They were the best. The basic premise: Three kids and their giant English Sheepdog make friends with the little old gray-haired lady down the street, Supergranny. Supergranny likes to put on a frilly apron and bake snickerdoodles for the neighborhood kids. Then she hops in her red Ferrari with her ’80s robot (named Chester) and fights crime. AWESOME.

I had about half a dozen of these books, in which Supergranny and the kids retrieved stolen museum artifacts (shrunken heads, in the first book), prevented several murders, and reveled the truth behind various fraudulent schemes. And in every book, they took time to munch on Supergranny’s delicious homemade snickerdoodles.

Do you have a favorite “book food” from a story you love? Did anyone but me ever read the Supergranny books? Or are they lost to history (of the early ’90s)?

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