Writers and their Books: The Financial Times

This past weekend, the Financial Times had a fun excerpt from Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books. The book and article feature photographs and prominent writers’ thoughts on their book collections, including those books that had the greatest impact on them as writers (and people), the most “important” books, and how they keep their books organized (or not). Writers featured in the article include Philip Pullman (shown above), Junot Díaz, and Claire Messud. You can check out the full article here.

Erin Morgenstern at Politics & Prose

This is a little belated (I’m finally catching up after a mad, mad, mad, mad week at the office), but I had a fabulous time at Erin Morgenstern‘s talk at Politics & Prose last week. It was fascinating to hear her describe the inception of The Night Circus (which I loved), and how it grew into a finished book.

Erin said the story began as a vague image in her mind of “strange men in fur coats” reminiscent of Edward Gorey. She needed a place to put these strange men, and gradually the circus came to life in her mind. And, eventually, it materialized onto the page during the course of two consecutive National Novel Writing Months. (Best of luck to those out there beginning their last two weeks of NaNoWriMo 2011!) She talked about her love for her characters, described her book as a “taped together Frankenstein cat,” alluded to an upcoming Night Circus movie (currently in pre-production), gave some great NaNoWriMo tips, and whetted our appetite for her next book: a kind of “film noir Alice in Wonderland.” Can’t wait.

And, for the very first time, I stood in line to get my book signed. I got to tell Erin how much I love her “flax-golden tales” (mini stories she posts on her blog every week, in collaboration with a photographer colleague). She said it’s been hard keeping up with them while on the book tour, but that they’re worth it.

I’m so grateful to live in this amazing city, with places like P&P, Busboys & Poets, Kramerbooks, and so many others, connecting DC book lovers! Woo!

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