Sneaking a literary peek on the Metro

What’s this guy in front of me got? Hmm, the new John Grisham. Nothing wrong with that. I have no idea what this dude next to me is reading, but it looks like a math text book. In…Korean? I’ve got  Sue Grafton across the aisle, and a battered Harvard Classic standing at the pole. And then we have the Kindles.

Darn you Kindle owners! You make it so much harder to spy on what you’re reading. Guy in a blue pinstripe suit with a furrowed brow, you may look like you should be reading a dry, wonky tome, but you could actually be reading The Pink Locker Society. (All together now: “Not that there’s anything WRONG with that!”) Kindle owners, it’s so much trickier to be amused, intrigued or completely confused by your reading  choices. I’ll just have to learn to be more subtle in my neck craning manouver so I can see your screen.

(My current, non-Kindle Metro reading?  Religious Literacy by Stephen Prothero.)


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Book lover, native Washingtonian, writer.

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